Thursday, September 29, 2011

Art, interrupted.

Sometimes the pictures of the projects mid-work actually show the image better than once the final layer of resin is in place. The shine on the top of the work does not allow the floating image to really shine in pictures.

The heart has already been claimed, along with the horse face in the background, but the jumper and dressage pendants are still around.

The keychain image is a custom piece for a friend that recently lost her horse. This horse not only touched her life, but she touched mine as well. Working on these memory pieces brought back all of the reining and western riding that learned in undergraduate at Berry College. I rode on the Intercollegiate Equestrian Team, starting with hunt seat and moving on to stock seat (better known as western in the horse world). Brandy and her owner, Courtney were integral in my riding education, so working with her on these pieces were really important to me. The last picture shows the other side of the keychain as well as the bracelet of Courntey's horse.

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