Saturday, July 30, 2011

And so it begins

For several years, I have been making jewelry for friends as gifts. Recently, more people have been requesting these as gifts for others. This blog will chronicle my journey into jewelry that started over 20 years ago, when I first made my painted clay beads for friends, then sold them for a local charity. I hope to post many pictures.... Some will be works in progress, some works in success, and the inevitable failure (oh, how many of those I have had).

I currently have an etsy shop, but most work has been sold through people that saw my personal jewelry and were surprised that I had made it myself.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dura Mater is one tough mother

Dura Mater started out as a joke between several medically minded pregnant women. The Latin translation literally means "tough mother" but dura mater is also a medical term for the outer layer protecting the brain and the spinal cord. My first time screen printing involved another pregnant doctor and me quickly inking the screens while using our feet to rock my weeks old daughter in her carrier so that we could get the process done. We did many onesies and other shirts for our families and friends. But it started a creative process that has ebbed and flowed over the last several years.

Recently, I have become more serious about my art, specifically my jewelry. So this blog will chronicle my foray into the world of creativity. Some will be posts about jewelry, some about trying new soldering techniques and some will be about my failures.